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Motorcycle Insurance


Our Motorcycle product provides cover for superbikes, cruisers, Harleys, dual purpose motorcycles as well as Quads, and all makes of off-road motorcycles.

Policy Enhancements & Benefits

  • This is very specific to the type of motorcycle, of which there are four categories with their own bespoke Policy Wordings
  • Coverage includes Harley Davison, Scooters, Off-road, On-road
  • The insurer is a specialist in motorcycles
  • Policy benefits include: Policies offered on stand- alone basis, Insured for retail value including accessories, Flat Excess Structure, Competitive flexible rates payable annually or monthly, Attractive discounts available on a multi motorcycle policies, Riding Apparel, Track cover available on request,  Territorial limits (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Eswatini, Malawi and Zimbabwe)

New for Old Vehicle Cover – Inception Value Policy (IVP)

New For Old

This unique product will enable your clients to claim the value of their vehicle (at the inception of the policy) as opposed to the current retail value of the vehicle at the time of a total loss. This policy is in addition to the client’s comprehensive insurance policy.

Policy Enhancements & Benefits

  • Competitive rates can be achieved through Genlib for this one-of-a-kind bespoke risk
  • This product replaces a total loss with the original sum insured value as opposed to the depreciated retail value and includes credit-shortfall

Tourism Motor Insurance

Motor Comprhensive

This product has been designed with the Tour Operators’ insurance requirements in mind and offers numerous benefits.

Policy Enhancements & Benefits

  • Policy benefits include: Repatriation of vehicles from outside of RSA borders, Wreckage removal, Protection & removal of a vehicle following mechanical breakdown, Replacement of tracking device, Fire extinguishing charges, Loss of keys.
  • Optional extras include: Vehicle hire in the event of loss of use, Credit Shortfall, Emergency accommodation, Riot & Strike (outside of RSA & Namibia), Roadside assistance for all vehicle types, Specialised tracker service

Transporter Insurance (LDV, HCV, Busses)

Transporter Insurance

This product has been designed with the Transporter’s insurance requirements in mind and offers numerous benefits.

Policy Enhancements & Benefits

  • Policy benefits include: Fire extinguishing charges, Recovery/protection/towing and debris removal, Clean up of spillage of diesel from the tank, Replacing locks, keys and remote controls, Temporary repairs, Medical expenses, Personal accident, Personal accident for crew members, Tool of trade, Personal effects include driver cell phone, Ropes/tarpaulins
  • Optional extras include: Excess reducers, Windscreen cover, Towing due to mechanical breakdown and mud recovery, Credit shortfall
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